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When I work, and need to focus and get something done, I like a specific kind of music. It helps me focus and work much faster than listening to other music, or nothing at all. The work isn't necessary software development, but seeing as that's what I do most of the time, it's usually what happens.

I've created this playlist over the last few years, removing and adding song when I find new ones.

Track Artist Album
Progress Works 1983 Televisor Progress Works
Marsupial Madness 8 Bit Adventure AdhesiveWombat Marsupial Madness
Monstercat 010 - Conquest Adventure Time Rogue Monstercat 010 - Conquest
Masters EP Again & Again - Original Mix Noct Masters EP
Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette) Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette) Rootkit , Anna Yvette Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette)
Alive feat. Lara Woolf Alive feat. Lara Woolf - Original Mix Case & Point , Lara Woolf Alive feat. Lara Woolf
All Alone All Alone Anki , Micah Martin All Alone
Amplified Amplified Tobu Amplified
Anchor (Remixes) Anchor - Noisestorm Remix Tritonal , Noisestorm Anchor (Remixes)
Apollo Apollo - Radio Edit Astronaut Apollo
Bit Rush Bit Rush League of Legends Bit Rush
Ninety9lives 99: Press Start Black Swan (feat. Philip Strand) Tacacho , Philip Strand Ninety9lives 99: Press Start
Born Blu - Original Mix Mahi , MitiS Born
Sun EP Blue Steerner , Martell Sun EP
Blurry (feat. Gia Koka) Blurry (feat. Gia Koka) LODATO , Gia Koka Blurry (feat. Gia Koka)
Caffeine Rush Caffeine Rush Jacob Tillberg Caffeine Rush
Ember Cascade Kubbi Ember
Cheat Codes Cheat Codes Nitro Fun Cheat Codes
Colors Colors Tobu Colors
TRON Legacy: Reconfigured Derezzed Daft Punk , Avicii TRON Legacy: Reconfigured
Destroy It Destroy It - Urban Contact Remix Black Tiger Sex Machine , Urban Contact Destroy It
Days Away Early Morning May Ronald Jenkees Days Away
Tracks of 2012 Electro House K-391 Tracks of 2012
Voicians, Pt. I Empire Voicians Voicians, Pt. I
The Classics Energy Drink Virtual Riot The Classics
Fall To Light Fall To Light Laszlo Fall To Light
Far Away Far Away Tristam , Braken Far Away
Flash Flash - Original Mix Jim Yosef Flash
O.R.B.O.T From Stockholm with Love Simon Viklund O.R.B.O.T
Catfight EP Funky Sundays! - Original Mix AdhesiveWombat , RudGR Catfight EP
Ghosts 'n' Stuff Ghosts N Stuff deadmau5 Ghosts 'n' Stuff
GO! (2016 Ice Hockey World Championship Anthem) GO! (2016 Ice Hockey World Championship Anthem) Matisse & Sadko GO! (2016 Ice Hockey World Championship Anthem)
Gone Gone Adventurer , Micah Martin Gone
Harpoon Harpoon Knife Party , Pegboard Nerds Harpoon
Kiko Highscore Panda Eyes , Teminite Kiko
O.R.B.O.T Hold on Tight Simon Viklund O.R.B.O.T
Lavish Vitality Humour - Original Mix Wiley Webb Lavish Vitality
I Hear You I Hear You Vicetone I Hear You
Imaginary Friends Imaginary Friends Laszlo Imaginary Friends
Kiko Kiko Panda Eyes Kiko
DJ Sona Kinetic (The Crystal Method vs. Dada Life) League of Legends , The Crystal Method , Dada Life DJ Sona
L'Amour Toujours (Tiësto Edit) L'Amour Toujours - Tiësto Edit Dzeko & Torres , Delaney Jane , Tiësto L'Amour Toujours (Tiësto Edit)
Let Me Out Let Me Out Feenixpawl , dreamr. , ANVY Let Me Out
Nerds by Nature - EP Melodymania Pegboard Nerds Nerds by Nature - EP
Melt Away Melt Away Omnitica Melt Away
Mii Channel Mii Channel VGR Mii Channel
Caps On, Hats Off Milky Ways Bossfight Caps On, Hats Off
Mirrorball Mirrorball - Original Mix Danny Olson , Jynx Mirrorball
2012 Singles Motivation Kubbi 2012 Singles
NCS: Infinity Nekozilla Different Heaven NCS: Infinity
New Game New Game Nitro Fun New Game
Inception Night Drive Teminite Inception
No Crime No Crime Asketa & Natan Chaim , Jess Ball No Crime
No More Idols (Platinum Edition) No Problem Chase & Status No More Idols (Platinum Edition)
No Way Out No Way Out - Radio Edit Vicetone , Kat Nestel No Way Out
Evolve One Shot (Typhoon) - Album Edit Julian Calor , Channii Evolve
Spectra Only Human Chipzel Spectra
Origin Origin Electric Joy Ride Origin
Overtime (Vicetone Remix) Overtime - Vicetone Remix Edit Cash Cash , Vicetone Overtime (Vicetone Remix)
Warsongs Piercing Light (feat. Mako) League of Legends , Mako Warsongs
RECHARGED POWERLESS - Enferno Remix Linkin Park , Enferno RECHARGED
Press Start Press Start MDK Press Start
Warsongs Project: Yi (feat. Vicetone) League of Legends , Vicetone Warsongs
Radix (Music from and Inspired by Robonauts) Proton Storm Simon Viklund Radix (Music from and Inspired by Robonauts)
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac Sound Stabs Pyromaniac
Rainbow Road Rainbow Road nanobii Rainbow Road
Recover Recover Kisshi Recover
Return Return Axel Wernberg , Linne , We Are One Return
A Town Called Paradise Rocky Tiësto , Kaaze A Town Called Paradise
NCS: Infinity Rubik Distrion , Electro-Light NCS: Infinity
Secrets (Radio Edit) Secrets - Radio Edit Tiësto , KSHMR , VASSY Secrets (Radio Edit)
See It All See It All - Radio Edit Rich Edwards , Jonny Rose See It All
Rocket League: Official Game Soundtrack, Vol. 2 Seeing What's Next - Kev Frey Remix Hollywood Principle , Kev Frey Rocket League: Official Game Soundtrack, Vol. 2
Sending Out An S.O.S. Sending Out An S.O.S. - Radio Edit Kryder , Danny Howard , Joel Edwards Sending Out An S.O.S.
Shadowtask - EP Shadowtask PYLOT Shadowtask - EP
Shine Shine Elgate feat. Spektrem Shine
John Wick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Shots Fired Le Castle Vania John Wick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sky Express Sky Express Urban Contact Sky Express
Sparks Sparks Steerner , William Ekh , Martell , Corey Saxon Sparks
Vario Splinter - Original Mix Savant Vario
Strong Strong R3HAB , KSHMR Strong
Stupid Love Stupid Love Main-De-Gloire Stupid Love
Jelly Castle Suckerpunch MDK Jelly Castle
Supernova Supernova Laszlo Supernova
Take Me Home Take Me Home Martell , Johnning Take Me Home
Dogma Resistance Take That (Bonus Track) RIOT Dogma Resistance
Warsongs The Boy Who Shattered Time (feat. Mitis) League of Legends , MitiS Warsongs
The Fire The Fire Eden Project , Puppet The Fire
The Pressure The Pressure Stonebank The Pressure
This Life This Life OLWIK , Johnning This Life
Electro Power Walk Traveler Distrion Electro Power Walk
Turbo Penguin Turbo Penguin Sound Remedy , Nitro Fun Turbo Penguin
Hige Driver 10Th Anniversary Best Ukigumo Hige Driver Hige Driver 10Th Anniversary Best
United We Dance (New Mixes) United We Dance - Vicetone Edit Vicetone United We Dance (New Mixes)
Virtual World Virtual World FIBRE Virtual World
Virus (How About Now) Virus (How About Now) Martin Garrix , MOTi Virus (How About Now)
Immersion Watercolour - Full Version; Single Pendulum Immersion
Waves (Radio Edit) Waves - Radio Edit Steerner Waves (Radio Edit)
Where We Are Where We Are Ryos , Karra Where We Are
Wii Sports Wii Sports VGR Wii Sports
Windfall Windfall TheFatRat Windfall
Immersion Witchcraft Pendulum Immersion

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