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My first arch install

3 minutes

I’ve been an arch user for many years, and a linux user for even longer, but I’ve never installed arch from scratch. I was an Antergos user for many years, but after its demise, I needed an alternative. In a previous post, I spoke of attempting to install vanilla arch…

Antergos to vanilla Arch

2 minutes

I’ve been an Antergos user for almost three years, and I love it! It’s like Arch, but with a simple installation process, and yields a near-pure Arch install, unlike Arch derivatives like Manjaro. Unfortunately, on 21st May 2019, the Antergos project ended. Those behind the project were unable to commit…

Dealing with spoilers in a professional manner

2 minutes

Spoiling films is something which has plagued people since forever. If something dramatic happens, of course people don’t want to find out by just being told, they want to watch and experience it for themselves. Unfortunately, it seems many people take pride and pleasure in spoiling films for people. In…

Instance vs Static: A tale of memory leaks and OOP in Python

2 minutes

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) teaches that classes can have two kinds of attributes: Instance and Static. Instance variables are attached to a specific instance of the class, and each has separate memory locations. Static variables are tied to the class itself, and are shared between instances. The difference between the two…

Django 2.2

8 minutes

April marks the release of Django 2.2, the latest LTS version of the popular Python web framework. Django 2.2 marks almost two years of development since the last LTS release, 1.11 in April 2017, and brings with it some very large improvements and changes which naturally come with a major…

Facebook cleanup - Part 1


Around 10 years ago, Facebook was everything. No matter your interests, you could find like-minded people on Facebook to share your passion with. But that communication came at a price: your personal data. In recent years, we’ve realized to what extent Facebook was selling our data and generally invading our…

My Stack - 2018 Edition

3 minutes

Last year, I wrote My stack 2017, and now it’s time for a follow-up. A year is a long time, and my day-to-day stack has changed quite a bit since then.OS I’m still an Antergos user, and have no sign of changing. I’ve had a few instabilities, but the AUR…

Hacktoberfest 2018


Hacktoberfest is a great initiative created by DigitalOcean and GitHub to get more developers contributing to open-source projects. After opening a set number of pull requests to open-source projects, they’re rewarded with branded swag. As someone who does a lot of development in their free time, it’s not hard for…

Creating a fast, secure WordPress site

3 minutes

In terms of security, WordPress, and PHP in general for that matter, have become a bit of a joke. If you want a site to be secure, people tend to steer clear of WordPress and PHP. That being said, nothing stands even close to WordPress in plugin support, community size,…

VPN Gateway - Opening ports the safe way

3 minutes

VPNs are a way of accessing application which sit on a separate network using an encrypted tunnel. Contrary to popular belief, they are not designed to anonymize your internet habits. Whilst VPNs are designed to enable a client to access the servers network, it’s possible to use them to provide…

KeePassXC 2.3 Migration Guide

3 minutes

I’ve been using KeePassXC since not long after it’s initial split from KeePassX in late 2016. I’ve bounced around many password managers, but KeePassXC looked to fill all the boxes:It’s actively maintained, unfortunately unlike KeePassXIt’s open source, and easy to contribute to, as I haveIt’s got all the features I…

Repairing GDM and Bluetooth Audio


Bluetooth audio is great! I’ve had a pair of Bluetooth headphones, Sony MDR-XB950 BT, for around a year now, and the ability to listen to music without cables is amazing. But, I can only use the Bluetooth parts of this with my phone, because on Linux, it just sounds terrible.

Opening Port 22


My university has a development sever, which it uses to host our coursework without the need to set up a development environment locally. It also enables lecturers to mark our work in a controlled environment, without needing to spin up an environment, and run untrusted code on their machines, a…

My Stack - 2017 Edition

3 minutes

As a software engineer and perfectionist, I have my machines set up in a very specific way, so I can do my job properly and have everything just the way I like it. Thanks to my dotfiles, I have everything syncing up between machines, meaning the tools I use are…

Make QT look less ugly


As anyone who’s used an application written with the QT UI framework will know, they don’t always look the best, and certainly don’t fit in with the rest of your desktops theme in the way GTK does. Certain themes support styling both GTK and QT applications, however most don’t. Fortunately,…

Why I rewrote my website

I’ve had a website for around four years now, starting with a python CGI-based site hosted at 1&1, and evolving into its current form, powered by Hugo. Although I’m a web developer, I’m very far from a designer. I really can’t design anything!Alternatives In the past, I’ve used services like…

Revert Arch linux packages to specific date


I’m one of those Arch users who apparently doesn’t use arch properly: I install updates daily, including packages from the AUR. This has the great benefit of giving me the most up-to-date packages available from upstream. However, the downside of meaning I have the latest packages from upstream, meaning if…

Cyber Security Month 2016


As it is Cyber Security Month, now is the perfect time to work on improving the security on my websites, projects, and servers. But, upgrading them for now isn’t good enough for me, I wanted to add a way of scanning projects automatically, to check for any new issues. As…

Fix steam under linux with an iGPU


Running steam on linux is great, besides the triple-a game support obviously. But running it on an iGPU has recently been causing me problems, mainly under Arch.The solution I have no idea why it works, or why it works, but speaking to some people online, this is the best solution:…

ProtonMail - Can it replace your email provider?


Throughout my life, I’ve had numerous email providers, starting with Hotmail almost 10 years ago. Recently, I’ve been focusing more on ways I can secure my emails. No, I may not have anything to hide, but that doesn’t matter! Originally I thought the best way to keep things secure, and…

React Native intro dev meeting


Recently, at DabApps, we’ve been migrating our mobile app workflow over to using React Native rather than Ionic, mainly because of its near native performance. For the first few projects, there were only a couple of us that knew how to use React Native effectively, and work around the qwerks…