Hacktoberfest 2019


This is year number three of my participation in Hacktoberfest, the initiative from DigitalOcean, and new this year, Dev.to. In previous years, the objective was to submit five pull requests to an open-source project. This year, the number was reduced to four, for some reason.

In 2018, I submitted a total of 10 pull requests to open-source projects. This year, I did a few more than that.

#My contributions

Whilst DigitalOcean did have an official checker this year, it was pretty bad! Not only was it incredibly slow, but it was only possible to see your pull requests, rather than any user. Instead, the third-party Hacktoberfest Checker shows the relevant pull requests.

#3 Contributions to srobo/team-emails

#2 Contributions to srobo/docs

#2 Contributions to srobo/website

#2 Contributions to RealOrangeOne/zoloto

#2 Contributions to srobo/reverse-proxy

#1 Contributions to polybar/polybar-scripts

#1 Contributions to polybar/polybar

#1 Contributions to kees-z/DuplicatiDocs

#1 Contributions to srobo/inventory

#1 Contributions to aaronn/django-rest-framework-passwordless

#1 Contributions to dabapps/heroku-buildpack-cleanup


As with last year, I personally consider many of these contributions invalid, primarily because they don’t really fit with the spirit of Hacktoberfest. Namely, all those under the srobo organization don’t especially fit, and the ones on my own repos. Excluding those, there’s still more than enough to get my t-shirt!

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