Hacktoberfest 2020


This year’s Hacktoberfest was a little different, mostly in quite how much the internet gave a fuss about it.

Given quite how much of the internet was talking about it back in early October, it doesn’t take long to find information and context on why it was so controversial. Here’s some useful links to find out a little more:

I don’t envy the organizers of Hacktoberfest this year. They’ve taken a lot of fire for what’s meant to be an honest event to get people interested in contributing to open source. It’s just a shame a few members of the community helped ruin it for so many others.

Personally I dislike the move to opt-in, I’d have preferred to see an opt-out. This way even idly maintained repositories could have still seen a benefit.

#My Contributions

This year, my contributions can be split up a little. I created a number of open-source PRs in October, but only a small number (☑️) were actually valid by the new hacktoberfest rules.

#1 Contribution to ajalt/fuckitpy

#1 Contribution to carltongibson/django-filter

#1 Contribution to dabapps/django-enforce-host

#1 Contribution to dabapps/django-s3-file-upload-server

#1 Contribution to dabapps/django-zen-queries

#☑️ 1 Contribution to plausible/analytics

#☑️ 1 Contribution to selfhostedshow/halcyon

#☑️ 1 Contribution to selfhostedshow/homeassistant-rs

#1 Contribution to srobo/team-emails

#1 Contribution to srobo/volunteer-emails

#1 Contribution to srobo/website

#☑️ 1 Contribution to yarnpkg/website

#Next year

Will Hacktoberfest 2021 continue? Or will the curse of 2020 claim another victim?

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