Prank Lock

Everyone knows that you should lock your devices when you’re not using them, but it still shocks me just how few actually do. Leaving your computer unlocked whilst you leave it, whether it be for the toilet, lunch, or to leave the house greatly increases the chance of someone compromising

Wiki Game Solver

The Wiki Game is an online game where you attempt to navigate through Wikipedia from a start page to a goal page using as few other pages as possible. Not long after I was shown it, I realized that I really wasn’t very good at it. After about 15 minutes

Yoga Pal

Once I started work, I bought myself a Lenovo Yoga 3 14" laptop, because I needed a thin and light laptop for trains and the office. This came with windows, which within 10 minutes was running Ubuntu Gnome! Ubuntu greatly increased the performance, but I had to sacrifice all the