Attack on blocks game

Attack on Blocks is a space invaders style game I wrote for my IT coursework, for the games development unit. We could make any game we wanted, provided it could be done within the time limits, was very easy to play, and easily run on the college computers (which were pretty terrible).

I decided to write the game in Python, seeing as there were other people in the college that could help me bug report and test features, and because it was already installed on the college computers. I used PyGame for the game engine, because it's really simple to use, and there is a lot of support and documentation online.

#Easter Eggs

One of the key features of this (and unfortunately the part I spent the most time on), is the easter eggs. There are a few dotted around the game, which make the game either much easier, or way more fun! At the moment, there are three main easter eggs, the first enabling the other two. If you would like to know what they are, click the button below. If not, play the game and try to find them, or search through the source to find them (it's not too hard through the source).

As you will see (If and when you find the easter eggs), most of them are completely useless, and completely unrelated to the game or anything else. The main reason they were put in was because I'm friends with people that pester to the point it's just easier to give in, hence they are really rather odd!

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