BSOD Enabler

Call a Blue Screen of Death on demand! It's more fun than it sounds

#windows #security

For those that use Windows, the famous Blue Screen of Death is an annoyance that plagues computers, causing error, frustration, and even data loss. They happened to me a lot whilst I was trying to configure my computer, and I thought I wonder who else I can annoy with one of these...

And thus the BSOD_Enabler was born!

After researching into it for a while, it turns out that there are a few different ways to cause a BSOD, unfortunately most of which are the reason a BSOD is there in the first place, which could potentially damage the target machine, something I didn't want! Then I stumbled upon this article, which shows that you can in fact raise a BSOD without causing any errors or damage to your computer.

Obviously there are many different ways, and probably far better ways of doing this, but I wanted something that was simple to use, fast, and could be done by anyone, no matter how technically illiterate. I decided to write it in C#, and use a windows console interface so the whole thing could be done with a few key presses.

Unfortunately I can't find the original source, or a copy of the executable. Once I find them, I'll update this post!

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