Docker Website Server

Static file server designed for serving websites

If you, like me, have a website, you’ll probably need some way of serving it. And if, like me, your website is static, nginx is a great, lightweight and insanely fast file server. But, how do you configure it? Sometimes, you just don’t care, and want someone else to do it for you - like me!


This website doesn’t actually use this container - It does something else.


#Why not just use nginx:latest?

If you’re not really bothered, the default nginx container will work just fine for you, however this container has a few modifications which make it more suited to serving sites:

  • Use environment variables for customization
  • Healthcheck endpoint
  • GZIP and Brotli support
  • Serve pre-compressed files
  • Use X-Forwarded-For header when getting client IP

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Note this isn’t designed to merely serve files. If you want to just serve files, take a look at docker-static-server.

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