Student Robotics

Student Robotics is the the place where my development knowledge really started to grow. Thanks to the other people in my team teaching me. I had never done anything robotics related, and so when my computing teacher initially told us about it, I wasn't really interested. After I found out that my friend was also doing it, I signed up, and went along to the kickstart. From then on I was hooked, getting involved with all aspects of the development and design, as well as helping out other teams on the IRC room.

What is Student Robotics?

Student Robotics is a volunteer organisation that runs an annual robotics competition for 16-18 year olds. It was originally founded by students from the University of Southampton in 2006, and now includes volunteers (“Blue Shirts”) from multiple other universities, including the University of Bristol and Grenoble INP. It primarily takes teams and volunteers from the UK, but also some from Germany and France.

There's more information on their website.

My Entries

Being at college for 2 years, meant I was able to enter 2 years of competitions, SR14, and SR15. We were encouraged to gain an online presence for our team, so I created a basic web page for both years. The original pages have been lost, but the content is all still there.

Post 2015

Unfortunately, after I left college, I also left behind entering Student Robotics as a competitor. Fortunately however, they're always looking for volunteers to help run the competition itself, as a Blue Shirt. The college kept on working, and keep their website updated.

Student Robotics 2014

Welcome to the homepage of Collyer's Student Robotics 2014 team. Originally, this page was a part of the competition, but due to 3 different site rewrites, the original content and formatting has been lost. The Competition The game for this year was called Slots.…

Student Robotics 2015

Welcome to the homepage of Collyer's Student Robotics Team 2015 (The 'A' Team) - Creators of A.L.I.C.E! Here you can see everything that goes on throughout the competition. The competition As was announced at kickstart, the game for this year is a take on the classic game mode Capture the Flag.…

Student Robotics 2017

Student Robotics 2017