Student Robotics

Student Robotics is the the place where my development knowledge really started to grow. Thanks to the other people in my team teaching me. I had never done anything robotics related, and so when my computing teacher initially told us about it, I wasn't really interested. After I found out that my friend was also doing it, I signed up, and went along to the kickstart. From then on I was hooked, getting involved with all aspects of the development and design, as well as helping out other teams on the IRC room.

My Entries

Being at college for 2 years, meant I was able to enter 2 years of competitions, SR14, and SR15. We were encouraged to gain an online presence for our team, so I created a basic web page for both years. The original pages have been lost, but the content is all still there.

Post 2015

Unfortunately, after I left college, I also left behind the ability to enter Student Robotics as a competitor. Fortunately however, they're always looking for volunteers to help run the competition itself, as a Blue Shirt.

Student Robotics 2014

The Competition The game for this year was called Slots. Teams competed to get as many of their tokens into a scoring zone in 3 minutes. Teams would also get extra points if they could get the token into a zones 'slot', an area the size of a token, raised by around 3 centimetres.…

Student Robotics 2015

The competition As was announced at kickstart, the game for this year is a take on the classic game mode Capture the Flag. 4 teams compete over 5 flags to move as many of them as they can into their scoring zones.…