Student Robotics 2014

Welcome to the homepage of Collyer's Student Robotics 2014 team. Originally, this page was a part of the competition, but due to 3 different site rewrites, the original content and formatting has been lost.

The Competition

The game for this year was called Slots. Teams competed to get as many of their tokens into a scoring zone in 3 minutes. Teams would also get extra points if they could get the token into a zones 'slot', an area the size of a token, raised by around 3 centimetres.

To see a copy of the rules from the competition, Click Here!


2014 is one of the only years in which we released the full source code for our robot, to our GitHub organisation. View on GitHub GRAP! Just before one of our rounds, I was asked to modify some of the code very quickly, and copy it to the USB without checking (because the servers were being slow).…


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