Student Robotics 2015

Welcome to the homepage of Collyer's Student Robotics Team 2015 (The 'A' Team) - Creators of A.L.I.C.E! Here you can see everything that goes on throughout the competition.

The competition

As was announced at kickstart, the game for this year is a take on the classic game mode Capture the Flag. 4 teams compete over 5 flags to move as many of them as they can into their scoring zones. The person with the most flags in their scoring zone wins.

The 'flags' are 25 centimetres cubes of wood on caster wheels weighing roughly 2 kilograms. The rules prevent us from lifting them, so the idea is to drag them around!

To see a copy of the rules from the competition, Click Here!


The code used for this competition was by far the most complicated and advanced code ever written by a Collyer's team. The main change between any other year was a co-ordinate based movement system. Any input taken in from the camera was converted to co-ordinates, so we could plot our movement more accurately and allow for any immovable objects such as the internal walls.…


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Our entry for 2015, Alice, was a massive improvement over last years model, in both design, and the code for it. Before ALICE was built, the design team built us a very basic chassis using scrap parts from 2014, which allowed us to write a large amount of the code base before we even had the robot built.…