My setup is my everything, I use my computer daily to browse the internet, work on projects, even update this website, so it's very important that everything works perfectly and the fastest it can. Obviously this machine is probably a little too powerful for someone that does almost primarily web development, but hey, it's more fun that way!

Over the years, my setup has evolved from a single monitor i5 computer, to a triple monitor AMD FX-based monster.

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Next Generation

I've been using the current generation for around 5 years now, and it's worked perfectly for all of this. The main reason I'm upgrading is to get more features, The 990FX chipset is very old, and my motherboard is missing a few key features, such as dynamic fan control.

The next generation of my build isn't actually a thing yet, but I'm actively working on what it's going to look like and the components inside it. You can find the current parts list at the link below, the list is always changing.

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I use Arch Linux on all my machines now, But some days I miss the windows-only applications / games, so I plan to use a virtual machine running windows, with a graphics card hardware pass-through to it to run windows applications, and play windows-only games. I got the idea for doing this from here and here.

Previous Generations

The first generation was the first custom build I'd ever done. When I first built it, I wasn't really into gaming, or any kind of heavy workflow for that matter, so it wasn't particularly powerful, although compared to my old Dell Inspiron 1525, it was pretty damn incredible!

Many of the parts from this build, including DVD drive, RAM and card reader, still live on in the current generation. The card reader and DVD were bought so I'd never need to buy another again!

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