Arch Linux


Antergos to vanilla Arch
2019-05-25 3 minutes #arch

I’ve been an Antergos user for almost three years, and I love it! It’s like Arch, but with a simple installation process, and yields a near-pure Arch install, unlike Arch derivatives like Manjaro. Unfortunately, on 21st May 2019, the Antergos project ended.…

My Dotfiles
#arch #linux

Dotfiles are a way for people to store settings and preferences to make setting up a new computer that much easier. I use both my laptop, desktop and work machine almost every day, and want them to be set up in an almost identical way.…

Revert Arch linux packages to specific date
2017-09-11 3 minutes #arch #linux

I’m one of those Arch users who apparently doesn’t use arch properly: I install updates daily, including packages from the AUR. This has the great benefit of giving me the most up-to-date packages available from upstream. However, the downside of meaning I have the latest packages from upstream, meaning if something breaks, even temporarily, it breaks for me.…