2019-12-18 10 minutes #security

Yesterday, an email was sent to django-announce, informing of an upcoming security update, labelled “high” severity. Previous notifications like this have been one week before the actual disclosure; This email, just 12 hours. The updates were scheduled to be released 12:00 UTC the next day (today).…

Cyber Security Month 2016
2016-10-01 #security

As it is Cyber Security Month, now is the perfect time to work on improving the security on my websites, projects, and servers. But, upgrading them for now isn’t good enough for me, I wanted to add a way of scanning projects automatically, to check for any new issues.…

nologin vs false
2020-03-05 3 minutes #linux #security

When disabling a user account on a Linux box, it is good practice to also change the shell to something which, well, isn’t a shell. The point of these shells is rather than presenting the user with a prompt to execute further commands, it returns a failure code, and log out the user.…

ProtonMail - Can it replace your email provider?
2016-06-28 3 minutes #security

Throughout my life, I’ve had numerous email providers, starting with Hotmail almost 10 years ago. Recently, I’ve been focusing more on ways I can secure my emails. No, I may not have anything to hide, but that doesn’t matter! Originally I thought the best way to keep things secure, and out of the hands of any government body was to host it all myself.…