Server build 2020

Server build 2020 - Proxmox setup
2021-05-03 15 minutes #server-2020 #self hosting #linux

Back in December, I fully rebuilt my home server from the ground up based on Proxmox. Being a hypervisor OS, it makes sense to run everything in VMs or LXC containers, not on the host. Therefore, there’s a huge amount of scope for opinions, lessons and customizations.…

Nvidia GPU passthrough in LXC
2020-12-23 8 minutes #self-hosting #linux #server-2020 #containers

GPU Passthrough has become a great way to run a Linux host, but still run games under Windows. By having 2 GPUs, 1 for the Linux host and the other for a Windows VM, you give Windows its own full GPU for games, but without having to run Windows as your primary OS.…

Mount NFS inside LXC containers
2020-12-14 4 minutes #server-2020 #self-hosting #linux #containers

NFS is a great protocol for sharing files quickly and simply over the network. Whilst it’s not designed for end user use, it’s great for mounting directories from remote machines, and having them be performant. NFS' lack of authentication is in a way a feature, honest.…

Server build 2020 - Parts
2020-12-01 7 minutes #server-2020 #self hosting #linux

Black Friday, the only day which seems to last over a month, is a great time to buy tech. Whilst most people will be buying early christmas presents, new gadgets for themselves, or just impulse buying stuff they don’t need (something I totally never do…), I ordered the parts for my new server.…

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