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I do what I do because I love it. For years I've enjoyed teaching others, documenting the weird things I've done, and entertain people as I go. I'm extremely lucky to do what I do, and I couldn't do it without your support.

If you like what I do, want to say "Thanks", and help me continue for years to come. Here is the best way.


If you share a lot of my interests, you might enjoy some of the same tools I use. Below are referral links for some of the services I use (or have used). All of them offer a great service. By using the links below, you let them know I sent you, help support me, and often get a little something yourself - win win!


I have a job, and a life, so I use my free time to make all this possible. Sadly, time and energy aren't free, and nor are my bills (server or otherwise).

Supporting gives you advanced notification when I publish, and in future may provide other bonuses, including but not limited to a sense of self-satisfaction.


For those who can't afford to pitch in financially, you can still help!


Do not give me anything if you can't afford it - your thanks is enough!


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