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Arch Linux

Astrill Extractor

Astrill, my VPN of choice, allows you to export OpenVPN config files for all it's VPNs, allowing you to connect on platforms it doesn't provide clients for, which albeit isn't many. The AUR package astrill has started becoming really unstable on my machine recently, so I decided to switch it out for ovpn files, as gnome has excellent support for OpenVPN.…

Attack on blocks game

Attack on Blocks is a space invaders style game I wrote for my IT coursework, for the games development unit. We could make any game we wanted, provided it could be done within the time limits, was very easy to play, and easily run on the college computers (which were pretty terrible).…


Even though I use i3, a window manager well known for being minimal, and black, I still like having desktop wallpapers. It makes my desktop feel far less plan, and my lock screens far less boring. I'm not one for keeping things the same, and so my backgrounds cycle, every minute.…

CircleCI Artifact Proxy

My favourite feature of CircleCI, besides the fact it's the fastest CI I've used, and support docker natively, is artifacts. Artifacts allow you to store files from your build, and download them from the web interface. This means you can use the interface to build mobile apps, installers, or even disk images!…

Hugo Theme RevealJS

RevealJS is a versatile front-end framework for creating slide show presentations in your browser using HTML. It's designed to be easy to use, and create high-quality presentations. To create a presentation with RevealJS, you'll still need a server to run the presentation from.…


Morse code decoder

It's not often people need to decode text into morse code (and visa-versa), but if I had something like this when I needed to, it would have saved me hours of time! Usage In order to make it accessible for as many people in as many different languages as possible, I converted our code from python to JSON.…

My Dotfiles
#arch #linux

Dotfiles are a way for people to store settings and preferences to make setting up a new computer that much easier. I use both my laptop, desktop and work machine almost every day, and want them to be setup in an almost identical way.…

Prank Lock

Everyone knows that you should lock your devices when you're not using them, but it still shocks me just how few actually do. Leaving your computer unlocked whilst you leave it, whether it be for the toilet, lunch, or to leave the house greatly increases the chance of someone compromising your machine and stealing important, possibly sensitive information.…




Wiki Game solver

The Wiki Game is an online game where you attempt to navigate through Wikipedia from a start page to a goal page using as few other pages as possible. Not long after I was shown the it, I realised that I really wasn't very good at it.…

Yoga Pal

Once I started work, I bought myself a Lenovo Yoga 3 14” laptop, because I needed a thin and light laptop for trains and the office. This came with windows, which within 10 minutes was running Ubuntu Gnome! Ubuntu greatly increased the performance, but I had to sacrifice all the screen, touchpad and keyboard customisation when changing ‘modes’.…