Fix steam under linux with an iGPU

Running steam on linux is great, besides the triple-a game support obviously. But running it on an iGPU has recently been causing me problems, mainly under Arch. Stacktrace: jake@***:~$ steam ~/.local/share/Steam/ line 154: VERSION_ID: unbound variable ~/.local/share/Steam/ line 154: VERSION_ID: unbound variable Running Steam on antergos 64-bit ~/.…

My Dotfiles
#arch #linux

Dotfiles are a way for people to store settings and preferences to make setting up a new computer that much easier. I use both my laptop, desktop and work machine almost every day, and want them to be setup in an almost identical way.…

nologin vs false
2020-03-05 3 minutes #linux #security

When disabling a user account on a Linux box, it’s good practice to also change the shell to something which, well, isn’t a shell. The point of these shells is rather than presenting the user with a prompt to execute further commands , it returns a failure code, and log out the user.…

Revert Arch linux packages to specific date
2017-09-11 3 minutes #arch #linux

I’m one of those Arch users who apparently doesn’t use arch properly: I install updates daily, including packages from the AUR. This has the great benefit of giving me the most up-to-date packages available from upstream. However the downside of meaning I have the latest packages from upstream, meaning if something breaks, even temporarily, it breaks for me.…

Yoga Pal

Once I started work, I bought myself a Lenovo Yoga 3 14” laptop, because I needed a thin and light laptop for trains and the office. This came with windows, which within 10 minutes was running Ubuntu Gnome! Ubuntu greatly increased the performance, but I had to sacrifice all the screen, touchpad and keyboard customisation when changing ‘modes’.…